HPLC solvent evaporation accelerated

Minivap from Porvair becomes a high throughput HPLC evaporator thanks to the new vial holder and needle head

NEW versions of MiniVap and UltraVap blowdown evaporators have been announced by Porvair Sciences.

These devices use warm air or nitrogen to speed up the evaporation of common HPLC solvents such as dichloromethane, methanol and acetonitrile from sample vials, significantly improving throughput and removing this common laboratory bottleneck.

A new 48-well needle head is combined with a dedicated HPLC vial holder that accepts 48 standard 1.5ml vials from Chromacol, Agilent, Thermo and others on the new machines, transforming them into high throughput HPLC sample evaporators.

Applications that will benefit from the new HPLC sample evaporators include pre-concentration prior to injection (to increase sensitivity) and evaporation to dryness of post-column fractions for recovery of compounds.

More information on Porvair Sciences product range

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