First Android smart spectrometer now available in UK

ANALYTIK announces the first Android-based mobile smart spectrometer for measurement of colour co-ordinates, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index, luminous flux, and other lighting parameters.

Hello? I’m on the train: GL Spectis Touch is a portable spectrometer running Android. Angry Birds not included.

The new GL Spectis 1.0 Touch from GL Optic is the first mobile spectrometer to use the Android operating system more familiar from smartphones and tablet computers.

The device includes wi-fi and Bluetooth communications protocols, among many other features.

Spectis integrates the performance of a high end spectrophotometer into a handheld touch screen device, making it the world’s first smart spectrometer says Analytik. The instrument does not require a computer to take measurements, and immediately displays data such as the full spectral profile, chromaticity charts, and lighting parameters.

A temperature sensor provides automatic compensation to improve measurement stability. Battery life is up to six hours, and built-in data storage can save up to 1000 measurements.

The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch is suited to the spectral assessment of light sources in operational, quality, and development areas, says the company.

Available accessories include various optical probes and integrating spheres (Ulbricht spheres). For the measurement of luminous flux, the GL Opti Sphere 48, a 48mm integrating sphere, can be mounted directly onto the measuring head. Other integrating spheres up to two metres in diameter are also available for laboratory measurements.

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