FieldScreen screening software rebranded as Blaze

CRESSET has relaunched its FieldScreen system for ligand based virtual screening as Blazev10.

This software uses the shape and electrostatic character of known ligands to search large chemical collections for molecules with similar properties, in order to return diverse new leads.

BlazeV10 is used to find biologically active molecules in a wide range of situations across the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and fine chemical industries.

Conducting a virtual screening before a wet screening run can dramatically increase the hit rate, says Cresset, cutting costs and speeding discovery. Application to high-throughout screening (HTS) results can find molecules which falsely failed the biological assay, identifying them as candidates for further investigation.

The rebranding exercise puts Blaze software in the company’s stable of ‘hot’ product names, alongside Spark, Torch, and Forge.

Here at LabHomepage, we hope these names don’t cause any confusion. It’s possible, we fear, that a technology to ‘forge’ new candidate molecules might not instil absolute confidence in the authenticity of its results.

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