Photometer measures reflectance, transmittance, or fluorescence

A VERSATILE new microscope photometer from Craic Technologies can tackle sample analysis across scientific disciplines as diverse as geology and biology, thanks to its ability to measure reflectance, transmittance, or fluorescence photometric values from microscopic sample areas. The Craic MP-2 is a solid-state device aimed particularly at cytophotometry, but which performs well across other applications, says Craic.

The Craic MP-2 is versatile enough for biologists and geologists

The detector has an operating range from the ultraviolet (UV) to the near infrared (NIR), and the device includes a digital imaging system to simultaneously image the sample and the measurement aperture. Software controls the integration time, the bandwidth to be measured, and other parameters, and a number of upgrades enable full range spectroscopy, thermoelectric cooling (for long term stability), ultra-high resolution imaging, advanced spectral analysis, NIST traceable standards, or even full automation.

“The MP-2 represents the next generation of micro photometric instrumentation and delivers results quickly and accurately. It is very easy to use”,  said Dr Jumi Lee, vice president of Craic. “It offers scientists the flexibility, sensitivity, and accuracy they need to analyse even the most demanding microscopic samples”.

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