Better temperature control means better viscometry results

THE LATEST addition to RheoSense’s VROC (viscometer/rheometer-on-a-chip) family, the Microvisc TC, provides precise temperature control for the handheld Microvisc viscometer. 

MicroVisc TC temperature controller from RheoSense offers precise control of temperature during viscometry tests

Temperature dependence is one of the most important factors in determining viscosity, and a tiny variation can generate significantly errors in results.

The Microvisc TC temperature controller promises accurate viscosity measurement, says Rheosense, to eliminate any uncertainty and improve the quality of laboratory viscometry tests.

The unit operates on the solid-state Peltier temperature control method, and has a temperature range of 15-50C. A PID controller with advanced fuzzy logic gives temperature control with an accuracy of 0.02C and stability of 0.07C.

Optional software allows remote temperature control, and touchpad operation of the Microvisc.

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