Instant, PC-free, microscope imaging

A NEW standalone controller for the five megapixel Olympus DP26 microscope camera makes it possible to view samples and capture images directly on a monitor screen with no need for a dedicated computer.  

DP26 microscope camera controller provides simple navigation and fast imnage still and video capture

This means that microscopy images can be captured in just seconds, without having to boot a computer.

The DP26 camera controller is a compact lightweight unit that can be easily transferred between workstations and laboratories.

Still images and video can be saved to a USB memory stick along with exposure settings, magnifications, and other parameters, using the inbuilt USB port. Alternatively, the images, video, and metadata can be stored to a network via ethernet.

Olympus says this addition makes the DP26 ideal for intensive or rapid sample browsing, collaborative workflows, and prolonged use.

The new microscope camera controller’s fast image capture is especially useful for applications such as cell culture and pathology, and when large groups wish to view microscope images. Viewing is facilitated using a simple on-screen menu, and any monitor or projector can be connected to the DVI-I port.

Using the progressive scan readout, Olympus says the DP26 is capable of producing totally fluid imaging at up to 16 frames per second, while eliminating any distracting artefacts. This permits monitor-based viewing as a valid alternative to oculars, removing any associated physical strain and improving user comfort during prolonged use.

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