Clinical chemistry analyser includes clot detection

THE NEW RX Daytona Plus clinical chemistry analyser from Randox is said to be the only analyser in its class to include a sample clot detection sensor.  

The mid-range RX Daytona Plus clinical chemistry analyser from Randox

This mid-range instrument offers features typically found on a larger automated analyser, but in a more compact format, says Randox.

The RX Daytona Plus is a fully automated bench-top random access clinical chemistry analyser which promises real cost savings by consolidating routine and specialised testing into a single platform.

It retains the ability to run emergency samples and the rapid turnaround of urgent (‘stat’) samples.

Capable of running 270 photometric tests per hour, or 450 tests including ion selective electrodes (ISEs) via the optional ISE unit, the device consumes only five litres of water per hour.

The RX Daytona Plus will find application in many laboratory settings, including clinical chemistry, education, food and wine testing, research, toxicology, and veterinary laboratories.

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