Liquid handling needles made to order

HAMILTON has launched a new online tool to enable customers to design and specify specialist needles online. Called NeedleBuilder, it enables custom selection of needle properties including gauge (thickness), hub type, needle length, and type of point.

Hamilton offers a variety of standard and custom needles, manufactured from 304 stainless steel and available in sizes from 10 gauge (about 3.4mm external diameter) to 34 gauge (about 0.2mm) and lengths from 9.5 to 300mm.

As specifications are entered into NeedleBuilder, the virtual product is created on screen in real time. Once the process is complete, a price and expected delivery date are provided along with online purchase facilities.

“This tool makes it much easier for customers to specify the exact needle they need, whether one of our existing choices or a custom item,” says Jason March, director of marketing for Hamilton. “For the first time ever, customers can control the needle building process from start to finish to ensure they get exactly what they need”.

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