Microspectrometer is ‘the future’ of Raman spectroscopy

COMBINING high resolution and high sensitivity with short sampling times and a broad spectral range, the new Artemis Raman microspectrometer from Craic can be deployed on many different types of light microscope.  

Artemis microspectrometer from Craic can be used with most light microscopes

This instrument facilitates the measurement of Raman spectra from microscopic samples (micron-scale) or microscope sampling areas of larger samples like semiconductors.

The Artemis can also be added to a Craic microspectrophotometer to add Raman to UV-visible-NIR absorbance, reflectance and fluorescence microspectroscopy and imaging.

“We have seen the need for Raman microspectroscopy in addition to our current capabilities of UV-visible-NIR and luminescence microspectroscopy, so we created the Artemis” says Paul Martin, president of Craic Technologies.

“By incorporating Raman with our UV-visible microspectrophotometers, the user no longer has to buy a separate instrument, nor move samples between instruments. Laboratory efficiency and sample throughput can be increased.”

The Craic Artemis is a self contained spectrometer for use with an optical microscope or a Craic microspectrophotometer, and include a laser, optical microscope interface, Raman spectrometer, and software for instrument control and data analysis.

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