Giant laboratory workstation holds 1400 Petri dishes

THE LARGEST workstation in the Don Whitley range, the A95, has the capacity to hold up to 1400 Petri dishes. 

The Whitley A95 Workstation is a four-port anaerobic lab station

Notwithstanding its large size, this four-port anaerobic workstation also claims to speed up laboratory operations. Its 30 litre airlock has an automatic internal door and allows 90 plates to be transferred in just five minutes, says the company, saving a full minute on the previous model.

For even faster operation and gas savings, each of the four ports acts as a mini-airlock allowing the transfer of up to ten Petri dishes.

These four oval ports enable two people to work side-by-side at the workstation.

Centrally positioned between the two pairs of ports is a full colour touchscreen control panel.

Dual gas operation contributes to low running costs, while chamber conditions can be monitored remotely from any secure internet-enabled device with the optional Anaerobic Conditions Monitor.

This enables users to review and alter system settings, change user access levels, and receive expert product support.

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