Faster next-generation sequencing with these RNA kits

NEXT-generation sequencing (NGS) is set of relatively new technologies that are having a big impact on scientific research in fields including biomarkers, diagnostics, and drug discovery.

Next-generation sequencing accelerated with these kits from AmsbioAlthough the term is applied to a number of different systems, not all of which may be interoperable, one common aspect is the library construction requirements which are shared across all platforms.

Amsbio says its sample library construction kits can reduce the complexity of reduce NGS workflow, reducing the time and effort needed for sample library preparation, and minimise errors by eliminating extra steps and optimising the experiment protocol.

Amsbio kits require inputs of as little as 0.5ng of RNA, which makes them appropriate for sample preparation with rare and difficult to obtain source materials, for instance samples from the pathology laboratory, or when samples have degraded, such as with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues.

Kits enable researchers to query thousands of small RNA sequences with what the company says is unprecedented sensitivity and dynamic range.

They can also be used to find novel microRNAs, characterise variation such as isomirs with single-base resolution, and analyse the differential expression of all small RNAs in any sample without prior assumptions.

These sample library construction kits will quickly generate full sequence from any poly-A tailed RNA, the company says, to accelerate analysis of novel transcripts and isoforms, alternative splice sites, rare transcripts, and cSNPs in a single experiment.

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