Black microplates protect samples from light

LIGHT-sensitive samples present a particular problem in the laboratory, as photon-induced degradation can occur almost anywhere.  

Where the sun don’t shine: black microplates protect delicate samples from damaging light

Porvair says its high quality black microplates offer protection against light-induced sample degradation, even over long periods.

These black microplates are made from an ultra-pure grade of polypropylene, and are resistant to a wide range of common laboratory solvents.

They boast near zero leachates, and are supplied  RNase and DNase free, for long-term sample integrity and use with even the most sensitive of biological samples

The black plates are manufactured to SLAS / ANSI dimensions for compatibility with the majority of lab automation equipment, and are available in variety of 96 well formats.

More information on Porvair Sciences product range


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