Electrophoresis made easier

THE RANGE of electrophoresis products from Cleaver Scientific has been bossted with the addition of the MultiSub Midi 96, which allows direct loading from 96-well plates. Samples can be loaded from the plates using a standard eight-channel pipette, eliminating smple identification issues, and processed in electrophorsis runs which take typically just 15 to 30 minutes.

Midi 96 electrophoresis system from Cleaver Scientific

Cleaver’s range includes horizontal and vertical gel electrophoresis tanks, 2D systems, a variety of blotting systems, comet assay, DNA sequencers, and gel documentation systems.

The company offers a range of options for gel size, sample number, and volume, along with five thicknesses of comb. Further comb options include double-sided, two-in-one combs, and combination combs including a loading guide.

Gel sizes are available from 7x7cm to 33x45cm. Most tanks in the electrohoresis range have a rapid cooling set-up, with no chiller required, to quickly provide high resolution results at low cost.

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