Comprehensive range of ready-to-use RNAs

AMSBIO’s range of ready-to-use RNA samples now includes mRNA / microRNA tissue preparations, plus RNAs from a number of stages of mouse and rat development.  

Range includes RNA from specific brain regions

The company has generated over 4000 RNAs in total, ready for immediate shipment to the laboratory. Many of these have can demonstrate their quality with RNA Integrity Number (RIN) derived from bioanalyser testing. A RIN is a quality measure of RNA integrity and runs from 1 to 10, with values below 6 typically considered as failures.

Amsbio’s biorepository of RNA samples covers over 30 species including human, animal, plant, insect and cell line. Included are a wide range of normal tissue types as well as tissues of human disease conditions, from multiple donors, that are typically difficult to source.

The range of total RNA isolated from major organs (embryonic stages to adult) includes RNA from individual brain regions that may be difficult to obtain because of their size and anatomical complexity. Also available are a comprehensive collection of preparations from placenta, uterus and embryo tissues at different stages of pregnancy plus a complete library of mammary gland specimens from non-pregnant, pregnant, lactating, and involuted animals.

RNAs can be purchased in convenient ready-to-use panels for a variety of downstream applications including microarray hybridisation, PCR cDNA synthesis, and RT-PCR analysis.

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