Haematology analyser wins FDA approval

A FULLY automated bench-top haematology analyser from Diatron, the Abacus 3CP, has gained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It now joins the company’s flagship Abacus 5 with what is known technically as 510(k) pre-market approval. 

Abacus 3CP haematology analyser from Diatron gets FDA seal of approval

The Abacus 3CP is a three-part differential analyser which can process up to 60 samples per hour, with an internal memory capable of storing 10,000 records with full histograms and individual patient data. The big brother Abacus 5, in contrast, gives five-part results and can store more than 100,000 results.

Both offer a colour touch screen with multilingual operating systems and a compact size which makes them suitable for deployment in physician’s offices or laboratories with limited available space.

Diatron says its haematology analysers provide fast high quality complete blood count results.

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