Flow chemistry reactors ‘are better than batch’

FLOWSYN integrated flow reactor systems from Uniqsis are designed to exploit the many advantages of flow chemistry in micro-reactors over batch chemistry operations. Flow chemistry offers better reproducibility and scalability, improved yields and fewer problems with unstable intermediates or exothermic reactions, says Uniqsis.  

FlowSyn flow chemistry reactors are available with reactors from 2ml to 60ml

It says these reactors can handle everything from homogeneous single reactions to complex, multi-reagent reactions. A range of accessory modules for gas addition, microwave, low temperature, and binary pump (four-channel) further enhance operational versatility.

Developed by chemists for chemists, FlowSyn is available with reactors from 2ml to 60ml volume and choice of inert materials including stainless steel, Hastelloy, PFA, PTFE, or even copper. 

Reactions requiring the use of strong acids such as nitric acid (nitrations) and powerful organometallic bases such as butyl lithium (metallations) are now routinely possible. A unique two- or three-channel borosilicate glass mixer chip reactor enables the FlowSyn system to undertake high throughput applications, fast mixing dependent reactions and even highly exothermic reactions requiring temperature control.

Within the FlowSyn system, two high pressure pumps operating at up to 100bar (1400psi) deliver reagents, via a mixer, into electrically heated flow reactors. Back pressure regulators pressurise the system, allowing solvents to be superheated to a maximum of 260C.

Reaction outputs can be fractionated or optimised at steady state, after which the system automatically flushes itself ready for the next experiment.

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