More storage capacity from these 96-well plates

A NEW range of low-height, high capacity microplates allow more sample to be stored in a given volume, says Porvair Sciences.  

Shallow microplates from Porvair are available in multiple configurations

These shallow 96-well plates are available with well capacities of 350ul, 270ul, and 220ul in a height of just 14.7mm.

Available with flat, round, or V-bottom wells, the low profile design of Porvair 96-well shallow plates allows more plates to be stored or stacked in a given space, reducing pressure on storage space in the laboratory. Raised rims improve sealing and prevent cross contamination.

Porvair recommends these low profile 96-well microplates for storage and collection of samples for cell biology, molecular biology, drug discovery, screening, and genomics. They are manufactured in a clean room environment from extractable-free polypropylene to ensure the integrity of stored samples, and conform to ANSI/SBS dimensions for compatibility with automated sample handling systems, microplate readers, and washers.

More information on Porvair Sciences product range

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