Log CO2, temperature, and RH simultaneously

THE SIMULTANEOUS measurement and recording of three environmental factors – CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity – can be performed automatically on the new TR-76Ui-H data logger from TandD. 

Log CO2 concentration, relative humidity, and temperature with the TR-76Ui-H

This three-channel recorder offers temperature measurement accuracy of +/-0.3C from 10C to 40C, and +/-0.5C across its full range from -30C to +80C.

The unit has a CO2 range up to 9999ppm, accurate to +/-50ppm +5 percent of reading.

Humidity measurements is from 0-99 percent with accuracy of +/-2.5RH at 25C.

The TR-76Ui-H can to store up to 8000 data sets and can download recorded data to a PC via USB connection, enabling data from all three channels to be simultaneously viewed in graph or table form.

By using a handheld Data Collector TR-57DCi (available separately) with graphical display, it is possible to collect recorded data from the TR-76Ui-H via infrared communication, allowing immediate on the spot assessment.

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