Mosaic now talks to Matrical

TITIAN Software has upgraded its Mosaic sample management software so that this can integrate with Matrical Biosciences automated stores, meaning that Mosaic is now capable of interfacing with industry-standard compound stores.

Mosaic comprises five modules – inventory tracking, ordering, workflow management, robotics, and integration. The Matrical Biosciences automated store interface is one of those now supported by the robotics module, automatically allowing sample order details to be acted upon. Interfaces are also provided for dispensing instruments, and order steps are orchestrated by the workflow management module. The end result should be that samples are delivered to specification, on time, and without error.

“Integration with standard automated stores, across a range of requirements, has been key to Mosaic’s success”, observed Edmund Wilson, CEO of Titian. “Mosaic continues to develop and adapt, and has been selected by 13 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies to meet their sample management requirements”.

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