Vials have large openings for lab automation

RESEARCHERS working with limited sample volumes in automated laboratories may find benefits from using the large opening RAM vial, says JG Finneran.

RAM vials from JG Finneran have wide necks for autosamplers

Measuring 12x32mm, the StepVial design is a combination of vial and insert with a 40% larger target area for sampling needles used by autosamplers.

Inserts are centred precisely into the recessed step in the vial’s neck, eliminating the need for metal or plastic springs.

Large opening RAM (robotic arm machine) vials were designed for use with robotic autosamplers.

Vials are available in clear or amber Type 1 borosilicate glass with a 9mm threaded neck finish.

They are available with a large marking spot allowing which takes pencil or marker.

A variety of 9mm closures and septa designed specifically to work with the 12x32mm StepVial are also available.

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