Ballistic imaging at ultra-high resolution

THE SUCCESSOR to Specialised Imaging’s popular Sir2 high-speed camera, the Sir3, can acquire two separate full resolution images to provide displacement and velocity data on tracked objects.

The Sir3 ballistic camera supersedes Specialised Imaging's popular Sir2

Mainly aimed at harsh environments associated with military proving grounds and industrial installations, this robust camera captures high resolution images at 11 megapixels. Velocity and displacement data can be calculated from two images taken in quick succession, separated by a minimum of 200microseconds. An alternative approach to provide ‘instantaneous’ kinetic data comes by arranging two Sir3 cameras to provide stereoscopic information.

In either arrangement, it is the advanced trigger mechanism that is credited with imaging success. New trigger hardware improves the reliability of images capture when dealing with unpredictable high-speed objects, and allows use of a narrower field of view to effectively increase the resolution on imaged objects.

Sir3 features an optical viewfinder to ease image focus and framing, while maintaining the facility for electronic focusing using an external TFT monitor and focus button. A Nikon F-mount is included as standard, with a manual aperture adjuster allowing lenses that lack manual aperture control to be used.

Imaging functions are controlled over standard 1Gb/s ethernet, and software provides simple control of imaging parameters. The all-metal casing is IP54 compliant to cope with challenging environmental conditions.


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