Multiply the water supplies in a fume cupboard

A COMMON practice when multiple condensers are deployed in laboratory fume cupboards is to daisy-chain the devices in series. This can be effective, but means that the chilling effect of the water is not uniform.

Asynt water manifold simplifies plumbing inside the fume cupboard

Asynt says its water manifold overcomes the problem by splitting the flow into three separate channels, enabling the use of multiple condensers in parallel.

The water manifold can linked to Liebig or Vigreux condensers with equal effectiveness, it says.

At the downstream end, the water manifold recombines the flow into a single drainage stream.

The device is designed to be clamped to standard fume cupboard scaffolding, and can be rotated through 90 degrees to allow vertical or horizontal alignment.

Quick release connectors enable rapid set up and dismantling, forming a seal on both sides when removing the condenser tubing and diverting the coolant flow to the other connected condensers in order to avoid leaks.

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