Software processes multiple genotypes in single run

A NEW Windows-compatible program enables clinical research labs to process up to six different genotype chemistries or size standards in a single analysis run.

GeneMarkerMTP from SoftGenetics is described as a multi-template processor, developed to enhance the speed, flexibility and quality of genotyping applications,

Following the genotyping, users have access to a range of special applications found in GeneMarker software, including MLPA, MS-MLPA, Trisomy, Fragile X, AFLP, MSI, LOH, SNaPshot and others.

GeneMarkerMTP is Windows 7 and 8 compatible, and processes 6-96 well plates in 35 seconds.

SoftGenetics says the program has applications in large clinical research settings, allowing multiple chemistries to be analysed in a single batch. Other laboratories may benefit from a streamlined workflow for analysis of replicate samples amplified with different PCR multiplexes or size standards.

The company offers 30-day trials and no cost web-based training on its genetic analysis software packages.


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