Accurate pH in variable temperatures

UNLIKE standard pH electrodes, Sensorex says its research grade pHase pH electrodes are specially designed for fast, accurate and stable pH measurements even with large temperature changes. This makes them suitable for quality control and R+D use in applications including measurement of biological samples and proteins, paint, dairy products, heavy metals, food/beverage, and photography.

pHase electrodes from Sensorex are available with epoxy or glass bodies, in sealed or refillable designs

pHase electrodes are available in two designs: a cost-saving sealed option, and the Rapid-Renew refillable design for dirty samples. The sealed design is the more economical and low maintenance, and is useful for a wide range of applications. On the refillable Rapid-Renew electrodes, the push of a spring loaded knob opens the sleeve junction, immediately providing a fresh junction.

pHase electrodes are available with epoxy or glass bodies – the former offering maximum ruggedness, the latter maximum chemical resistance.

Sensorex says its pHase electrodes are stable to 0.01pH within 30 seconds when exposed to a temperature change of 35-75C. They are accurate to 0.04pH at a temperature range of 0-100C. Drift is 0.005pH or less drift per 24 hours.

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