More details of Planet xMap 2012

LUMINEX has announced further details of its 10th annual Planet xMap congress, to be held on 10-11 October 2012 at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

Over 500 leading scientists are expected to gather at the event, sharing information and discoveries on new methods of using xMap technology to perform bead-based multiplexed assays. Using the xMap system, up to 500 unique bioassays can be rapidly and precisely performed on a single sample.

One keynote speaker, Dr Jean William Pape, director and founder of Gheskio Centers in Haiti, had already been announced. Now a second keynote has been named: Dr Freda Miller, an eminent neurobiologist at the Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute, Professor at University of Toronto, Canada. ‘Sick Kids’, as it is widely known, is a world-leading pediatric hospital and research institute, where Dr Miller has made major contributions in the fields of neuronal stem cells.

Significant among these is the finding that mammalian dermis contains multipotent stem cells, leading to a potential source of new cell-based therapies.

Planet xMap addresses topics including clinical immunology and microbiology, human genetics, nucleic acid and protein research, pathogen detection, and newborn screening.



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