Point of care HbA1c analyser matches lab quality

NEW semi-automated HbA1c analyser promising accurate and low cost diagnostics for use at point of care or in the laboratory is now CE-certified and is to be launched across Europe.

Quo-Lab from EKF promises lab-quality blood analysis at point of care

Quo-Lab from EKF Diagnostics uses the boronate affinity florescence method and requires just 4ul of venous or finger prick blood to deliver lab-accurate results within four minutes (CV < 3% at 7% A1c), says the company.

HbA1c monitoring is increasingly used in the detection and management of diabetes, and Quo-Lab has been specifically designed to meet the needs of economies where diabetes is an increasing public health issue but resources are limited.

The analyser’s simple four-step procedure involves little training, with on-screen instructions available in a variety of user-selectable languages.

“Quo-Lab provides lab-accurate, low cost testing that is incredibly easy to use and minimises the opportunity for user error or contamination of the sample, but most importantly it has specific benefits to emerging markets where diabetes is on the increase”, said Julian Baines, CEO of EKF Diagnostics.

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