Microplate reader measures luminescence, fluorescence, and absorbance

A SECOND-generation microplate reader from Berthold Technologies, the TriStar2, employs a new ‘all-4-one’ optical arrangement which enables luminescence, fluorescence and absorbance measurements with high sensitivity. The reader also handles fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET) analyses.

Tristar2 microplate reader from Berthold

The improvement in the optics has led to new detection limits in fluorescence: less than 6amol ATP per well, and less than 0.3 fmol fluorescein per well.

The instrument’s universal detector delivers extremely low noise for fluorescence and luminescence measurements, says Berthold.

It is equipped with a photo diode for absorbance readings, and further optical filters can be used for luminescence measurements enabling BRET (eg, functional assays for GPCR research) and multi-coloured luciferase reporter gene applications.

TriStar2 can be fitted with up to three reagent injectors and temperature control for the microplate compartment. Even very fast reactions can be measured, thanks to the position of two injector tips.

The position of the reagent compartment at the front of the unit makes them more easily accessible, and means they can be cooled by the addition of crushed ice.

Berthold Technologies says TriStar2 suits applications in enzyme activity measurement, phagocytosis, calcium flux, cell viability, apoptosis, immunoassays, protein and DNA concentrations, and protein-protein interactions.

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