Stirring hot plates are corrosion resistant

THE NEW EchoTherm stirring hot plates from Torrey Pines Scientific are corrosion-resistant, making them suitable for environments that would destroy less robust lab equipment, says the company.

Ceramic hotplate and purge arrangement make HS70 hotplate stirrer resistant to corrosion

The EchoTherm HS70 can cope with aggressive chemicals, vapours, and spills, thanks to design features including a purge connection and ceramic heater top.

The purge socket on the rear of the chassis allows the generation of positive pressure inside the unit, preventing gasses from entering the chassis and attacking the electronics or stirring mechanism.

Units feature ten-program memory with ten steps per program, temperature ramping, RS232 port, membrane keyboard, and full function liquid crystal display which continuously shows all parameters.

Heater tops are 20cm square solid ceramic with 600W of power. Temperatures can be set to 450C, in 1C increments accurate to 1 percent over the entire range, and ramping can be set from 1 to 450C/hour.

Stirrer speeds can be set from 100 to 1500rpm. The built-in timer runs up to 99 hours with an audible alarm and auto-off.

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