Maple Player available for iPad

A FREE iPad app lets users view and interact with documents created in Maple, a powerful mathematical software tool. Maple, available in the UK from Adept Scientific, is a so-called ‘computation engine’ offering a range of advanced mathematical functions for scientists and engineers.

Maple Player for iPad is a free download

Maple Player allows users to enter values, move sliders, and click buttons to perform calculations and visualise the results. A number of interactive calculators and conceptual explorations are included, and these can be used to find derivatives, solve arbitrary integrals step-by-step, explore the concept of a limit, plot functions, and so on.

The launch of Maple Player is the first step in a plan to increase support for Maplesoft technology on the Apple platform. In the next phase, users will be able to access a wider collection of documents from an online repository and, ultimately, will be able to use any Maple document on the iPad, whatever its origin.

“The iPad is an increasingly important platform for our customers,” says Dr Laurent Bernardin, executive vice-president and chief scientist at Maplesoft. “Maple Player can be used to liven up a classroom and provide additional insight to students outside of class. As the technology evolves, we see the Maple Player becoming an integral part of the mathematics education experience”.

Maple Player is a free download from the App Store.

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