A review of best crystallisation practice

A WHITE paper from Metler Toledo explores how process analytical technology (PAT) can improve batch purity, yield and repeatability in crystallisation and precipitation processes. Entitled New Technologies for Advanced Crystallization Development, the paper demonstrates how PAT offers improved accuracy, easier scale-up, and lower production costs.

Mettler Toledo’s PAT technologies include EasyMax, OptiMax, and ReactIR. These allow chemists a quick and thorough understanding of reaction parameters such as temperature, solvent use, seeding, and nucleation. This new white paper examines various production scenarios where these technologies are used to control crystallisation, including pipeline production where supersaturation is high and offline sampling impossible. In each scenario, in situ monitoring is shown to provide significant advantages to offline sampling or crashing out solids, especially when time is of the essence and accuracy is critical.

The paper also explores how these robust technologies also allow full Design of Experiment (DoE) cycles, even in today’s very short production timelines, through optimised workstation layout and usability. Practical and consistent DoE application helps eliminate impurities that harm crystal development and particle parameter inconsistencies that are difficult to accommodate downstream.

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