Mutagenesis guide is free download

A FREE download of a new guide to in vitro mutagenesis is available in either Epub or PDF version from the Integrated DNA Technolgies website. The company also invites requests for a print copy of the guide.

Providing an overview of in vitro mutagenesis, the Mutagenesis Applications Guide provides experimental overviews, protocols, and troubleshooting advice. IDT says that using the guide will make it easier for researchers to carry out efficient and effective experiments. The publication describes traditional mutagenesis approaches, including site directed mutagenesis by polymerase chain reaction (PCR), primer extension, inverse PCR, and cassette-based methods. It also covers random mutagenesis, a technique often used to optimise protein expression or function by creating unpredictable alterations.

An example from the guide is the use of IDT’s Ultramer oligos, which simplify the addition of large changes into a target sequence for improved experimental flexibility. The company says that Ultramers are the highest fidelity long nucleotides currently available, with lengths from 60 to 200 bases, and so enable primers to be extended into regions that are otherwise difficult to target.

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