July 2012 workshop on portable molecular spectroscopy

ANALYTIK has announced a workshop at its new UK premises, in partnership with Agilent Technologies, on portable and handheld molecular spectroscopy.

The range of portable spectroscopes available from Analytik

The free-to-attend event will be held on Tuesday 17 July 2012 at Analytik’s premises in Swavesey, Cambridge.

Molecular spectroscopy is well suited to portable and handheld instruments, because of their simplicity, speed, selectivity, and ability to operate without sample preparation.

Bringing the analyser to the sample enables the full benefits of molecular spectroscopy can be realised, says Analytik – which is a ‘channel partner’ for Agilent, incorporating the latter’s handheld and portable FTIR products into the Analytik spectroscopy portfolio.

The company now delivers the three core vibrational spectroscopy techniques: FTIR (mid-IR), NIR, and Raman.

At the Portable and Handheld Molecular Spectroscopy Workshop, product specialists from both companies will be available for consultation.

The day will include presentations and product demonstrations, and will give attendees the opportunity for practical hands-on sessions using the FTIR, NIR and Raman instruments. Guests are encouraged to bring along their own samples to measure.

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