Mittermaier scores Agilent early career award

AGILENT Technologies has named Anthony Mittermaier, associate professor of chemistry at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as the winner of its fourth annual Early Career Professor Award.

Anthony Mittermaier

This year’s award focused on the field of structural biology using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Entries were accepted from professors making significant contributions to structural biology, using NMR to improve understanding of the molecular structure and function of nucleic acids or proteins.

Mittermaier’s research has successfully applied molecular biology, mutagenesis methods and NMR to probe the relationship between protein sequences, dynamics, and function.

At McGill, Mittermaier uses NMR spectroscopy to research the primary amino-acid sequences of proteins. He has established links between structural mobility at the microscopic level and functional activity at the macroscopic level.

“Anthony Mittermaier is a pioneer in recognising the power of an integrated dynamic and thermodynamic approach to understanding protein behaviour. His combined NMR/calorimetry approach to the coupled protein folding/allostery problem is likely to find widespread application to many protein systems”, said Bruce Lennox, chair of McGill’s department of chemistry.

The award grants Mittermaier US$50,000 per year for two years in his name, to support his research.

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