Proliferation assays make for easier 3D cell culture

AMSBIO says its new range of Cultrex 3D proliferation assays make downstream 3D cell culture applications much easier to manage.

Cultrex assay from Amsbio makes easier downstream 3D cell culture

3D cell culture is a booming technique, the company notes, with a rapidly-growing library of research papers from researchers exploiting the potential of the technology in areas as diverse as oncology and stem cell research.

Cultrex cell proliferation assays provide more physiologically relevant assessments when using cell models to screen for compounds influencing toxicity, cell survival, tumorigenicity, and new tumour formation, says Amsbio.

They offer a high-throughput format to determine the degree to which pharmacological compounds influence toxicity or tumorigenicity in an in vivo-like environment.

The Cell Proliferation Assay methodology has been adapted to multiple formats so that cell proliferation may be evaluated against different extracellular matrices.

The assay is available for 3D growth in Basement Membrane Extract (BME), Laminin I, and Collagen I formats.

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