Delivering RNAi agents into myeloid and neuronal cells

TWO NEW proprietary transduction reagents offer the directed delivery of RNAi agents into myeloid cells and neuronal cell, both primary and in cell lines.

Transduction reagents deliver RNAi into myeloid and neuronal cells

MyeloAim and NeuroAim, available from Bioo Scientific, can transduce siRNA to targeted cells for efficient gene silencing in human, mouse, and rat cells. Transduction can be either in vitro or in vivo.

These reagents provide safe, noninvasive delivery of siRNA, says the company, and could potentially deliver other therapeutic molecules to these cells.

“NeuroAim and MyeloAim are the only delivery vehicles for cell-specific delivery of siRNA and miRNA currently available. A huge advantage here is that all payload can ‘selectively hit the mark’ by minimising targeting to non-specific tissues and cells”, said Dr Sandesh Subramanya, senior scientist at Bioo Scientific.

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