Portable NIR analysers promise more non-destructive power

THREE models of the ASD LabSpec 4 line of portable near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers are now available in the UK and Ireland, via distributor Analytik.

LabSpec 4 range includes hi-res and standard models, plus benchtop version

These new instruments for the non-destructive analysis of materials feature improved optical design to give a faster analysis with the ‘best possible’ results on a materials including solids, powders, and liquids.

Improvements to the range provide higher quality measurements, to identify and quantify materials in real time with minimal preparation. Because tests are non-destructive, sample waste is minimised and multiple properties can be measured simultaneously. Wireless capabilities are now standard.

The three-model range includes Hi-Res, standard, and benchtop instruments. The Hi-Res model (6nm) suits the measurement of materials with sharp, well-defined spectra features – such as polymers, petrochemicals, and pharmaceutical active ingredients. Analytik says this produces faster, more precise analytical results for more accurate characterisation of incoming raw materials and in-process or finished products.

The standard resolution system provides a balance between spectral resolution and noise performance. The LabSpec 4 Standard-Res (10nm) analyser is suitable for measurement in food and feed products, forestry products, and raw materials identification.

Both the Hi-Res and standard models are available with an internal light source, useful in measuring liquids, slurries, and small sample sizes.

Finally, the benchtop LabSpec 4 Bench (10nm) provides the same level of performance as the Standard-Res model with the benefits of a stationary, space-saving design.

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