Data analysis package covers NGS, qPCR, and microarrays

INTEGROMICS says its new OmicsOffice platform is the first software bundle able to analyse data from NGS (next-generation sequencing), qPCR (quantitative polymerase chain reaction) and microarray experiments.

OmicsOffice completes ‘Click And Go’ automatic workflows for RNAseq, ChipSeq, qPCR and microarray based gene expression with downstream integration and analysis of results.

New modules include functional analysis, such as gene ontology and gene set enrichment, and the integration of data from different platforms in a seamless manner.

The functional analysis tool can assess if a gene ontology function, a Kegg (Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes) Pathway or an InterPro motif, is statistically over or under-represented in a dataset, promising new biological insights.

These could include the identification of molecular functions, or reported diseases that correlate with the underlying experiment. Statistics for gene set enrichment under this function are also available.

A second function is comparative analysis which, using an integrative module, allows scientists to integrate and compare results from different experiments for validation or other purposes.

An annotation management module allows for cross-platform integration, facilitating the use of custom data from any bioinformatics pipeline once imported into Tibco Spotfire.

OmicsOffice uses standard annotation systems including Affymetrix, Ensembl, NCBI Entrez/RefSeq,, microRNAs from TargetScan, ProbeID, and UniProt.

“In the era of high throughput ‘omics’ experiments it is crucial for laboratories to keep in line with the technological advances,” said Dr Sylvain Foissac, product manager at Integromics. “Most bioinformatics tools are specific to the technology used to generate the data, and this can make analysis cumbersome and cause fragmenting of evidence. OmicsOffice provides a streamlined environment to analyse results from different technologies, and the tools to compare and achieve a higher level of results.”

OmicsOffice will be available in May 2012, and will be provided free to license holders of an Integromics product on Tibco Spotfire, and to all new users until the end of the year.

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