Syringe filters promise better sample prep

A REVAMPED range of single-use syringe filters from Thermo Fisher should make sample preparation in the laboratory more reliable process. Previously known as the Sun-Sri Titan2 and National Scientific Target ranges, the new Titan3 and Target2 filter ranges have been strengthened and now boast improved sealing.

Titan3 and Target2 syringle filters offer better sealing and higher strength

The strengthening is intended to increase the maximum burst pressure the filters can withstand. The housing has also been redesigned to prevent leakage during filtering operations. Both improvements should make sample prep a more reliable routine operation in the lab.

Titan3 is the premium range, with colour-coded housings to make membrane selection easy and a sealing integral ring that copes with high burst pressures. 30mm models can withstand over 8bar (120psi), says Thermo. Both Titan3 and Target2 ranges are fully HPLC-tested and incorporate low extractable membranes and housings.

The filters are available with a range of membrane types and porosities, suitable for a range of chromatography filtration applications.

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