Handbook details scanning probe microscopy accessories

A NEW catalogue of accessories for its scanning probe microscopy (SPM) systems including the NanoWizard, ForceRobot, and CellHesion has been published by JPK Instruments.

Available in printed and digital (PDF) form, the 20-page handbook shows how the modular approach followed in the design of the instruments enables the latest technical improvements to be realised at relatively low additional cost. As most scanning probe microscopes have several users, this approach also makes instrument reconfiguration for different purposes a straightforward task.

The company highlights some of its accessories for particular mention. Its Advanced Force Spectroscopy software enables force measurements to be taken from individual protein unfolding and DNA stretching experiments. The ExperimentPlanner software can then be used to develop experimental protocols.

The latest electron microscope imaging techniques involve using novel cover slips coated in materials such as indium tin oxide (ITO), and to accommodate these JPK has introduced its CoverslipHolder. This includes connections for electrical measurements needed for techniques such as conductive atomic force microscopy (AFM) or scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM), and is particularly useful with high numerical aperture (NA) optics.

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