Bromodomains and profiling kits to boost drug discovery

AMSBIO says that bromodomains – protein domains containing about 110 amino acid units – are emerging as a new class of target for drug discovery research, alongside Histone deacetylase (HDAC) and histone acetyltransferase (HAT).

Bromodomains consist of a bundle of four alpha-helices

Bromodomains – BRDs – are found in many chromatin associated proteins, and specifically interact with acetylated lysine.

Amsbio is now offering a portfolio of bromodoains, along with a range of profiling kits and inhibitor screening assays.

The ability of bromodomain regulators to alter chromatin status and control gene expression is thought to be important in the development of certain human cancers, adipogenesis, energy metabolism, and inflammation. Currently, over 50 proteins are known which contain at least one bromodomain (BRD).


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