Next-generation mass spec made simpler

IN A BID to boost adoption of its next-generation mass spectrometry technology, AB Sciex has launched a bundled package of instruments plus software, training, standards, and validation services.

The Accelerated Lab Integration Package is launched to coincide with the launch of the company’s new Eksigent Ekspert ultra 100 and 100-XL liquid chromatography systems, and its 4500 series mass spectrometer (see LabHomepage report here)

The combination of the new instruments and the integration service is intended to enable scientists and laboratory analysts to ‘significantly improve’ results for applications including the analysis of food and environmental contamination, clinical research, protein identification, peptide quantitation, forensic toxicology, and bioanalysis.

The new Eksigent Ekspert ultraLC 100 and 100-XL are designed for scientists performing high-throughput UHPLC- MS/MS analysis in complex matrices. AB Sciex says the Eksigent series eliminates the unnecessary extras of multi-purpose UHPLC systems for laboratories preferring a single vendor to deliver an integrated LC/MS package.




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