Freezer maximises lab space (video)

Revco UxF freezers from Thermo Fisher promise more space inside, smaller footprint outside

MAXIMISED internal storage space with minimum laboratory footprint is the claim made by Thermo Fisher Scientific for its new Revco UxF ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers. These upright freezers can chill samples down to -86C and are available in five sizes with capacities from 421 to 949 litres.

The largest model can store 70,000 2ml tubes or over 188,000 of Thermo’s Cryobank 1ml tubes. Using environmentally-friendly, CFC/HCFC free refrigerants and vacuum panel insulation, the Revco UxF series promises up to 15% energy savings in operation. The freezers have a touch-screen control panel providing continuous performance monitoring, and a detailed event log. Event logs can be downloaded to a portable drive via the USB port.

The freezers are also the subject of the latest of Thermo’s funky promotional videos – a reworking of the hit More than a Feeling by Boston. Listen carefully in the final sequence, where the lyrics are changed to “More than a freezer”.


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