Centrifuge tubes for one-handed operation

THE HUMBLE centrifuge tube has to be strong enough to withstand the high g-forces it is subject to, while remaining resistant to the chemicals it holds and being able to be effectively sterilised. Now Porvair has introduced a new range of tubes that can also be opened and closed with one hand.

Flip top centrifuge tubes vcan be opened and closed one-handed

The leakproof cap on Porvair flip cap tubes can be popped open with a thumb, or the entire cap assembly can be unscrewed. The company thinks this one-handed operation will be a major boon in many busy laboratories.

Flip cap centrifuge tubes are available in a range of standard sizes and are compatible with almost all centrifuge rotors. They can withstand repeated autoclaving at 121C, and long term storage at -80C.

The 15ml tubes can withstand 8000G, while the 50ml tubes can be spun up to 12,000G. Both have flip caps and thin, clear, polypropylene walls.

The popular 50ml size is available in a self-standing design, with an internal conical bottom and outer collar that enables it to stand on the lab bench. This tube can withstand 6000G.


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