Benchtop workstation is economical alternative

A LOW cost benchtop alternative to a full cleanroom is the claim made for the CleneCab Workstation from Herolab.

CleneLab benchtop workstation from Herolab

It is aimed at laboratory workers who need a localised clean or safe environment to prevent contamination when working with samples.

The CleneCab Workstation provides a bench-top size environment of 62x42x77cm.

Constructed from 10mm acrylic glass, it isolates the sample from external contamination and the user from biohazards.

It can also be where there is a high demand for cleanliness or protection, such as radioactive labelling of DNA, says the company.

Its construction is said to provide ideal shielding from radioactive substances like 32P.

Five powerful, timer controlled UV tubes, mounted on special reflectors, produce irradiation of the entire working surface.

In addition, the workstation is equipped with a microprocessor to control the energy of the powerful UV tubes.

The UV dose can be pre-set very easily in energy (mJ) or time units (s),

A monitor controls the emitted UV energy in order to provide a constant 100% UV irradiation for effective crosslinking.

A warning lamp lights when the tubes need to be replaced.

The 40x22cm removable pull-out Crosslinker tray allows for the use of gels, large and small membranes and petri dishes for example.

A built-in timer enables the user to control the UV dose and prevents unnecessary exposure.

The UV light is automatically cut off when the doors are opened.

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