Cap a complete rack of tubes in seconds

A COMPLETE rack of 96 sample tubes can be capped in just 4-9 seconds, which is less than half the time of competitive systems, using the Univo CP480 electric capper says Micronic. 

Electric tube caller from Micronic closes 96 sample tubes in seconds

This versatile laboratory benchtop unit can cap all Micronic plug style caps, including capmats, capbands, and capclusters, and is compatible with most other brands of tubes and caps.

The company says the device is extremely easy to use. For capping, simply place the rack filled with tubes in the sample holder and place a capmat, capband, or capcluster on the tubes. The capping process is completed automatically by gently pushing in the sample drawer to close it. 

A controlled pressure system presses all the caps down evenly for uniform and reliable sample storage. Simply pull the sample holder out to retrieve the capped rack of tubes.

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