Faster access to pure chiral compounds with screening kits

ORGANIC chemists can expect fast and easy access to optically-pure chiral compounds from their racemic mixtures when using the new Maybridge Chiral Resolution Screening and Purification Kits, says Thermo Fisher.

Maybridge Chiral Screening Kits from Thermo make for convenience in the lab

Under normal circumstance, it can take days or even weeks to identify the optimum separation conditions to use to isolate a compound. These kits promise to reduce that time to a single day, and require just 0.4mmol of racemate for the procedure.

Diastereomeric crystallisation is a common process to extract pure chiral compounds from their mixtures, but requires careful optimisation of process conditions.

The Maybridge Chiral Resolution Screening and Purification Kits consist of 384 different combinations of resolving agents and solvents, for both acid and amine-based resolutions, to increase the chances of finding the optimal separation conditions.

Both resolving agents and solvents are pre-dispensed in 96-well plates for convenience in the lab. Screening results are easily identifiable, says the company, and recovery and purification of enantiomers is straightforward.

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